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About company

About the company LLC "Golfstream" supplies the following equipment:

  • SIEMENS (Germany) - automation for boiler houses and heating points, for residential premises;
  • ESBE (control valves from Sweden);
  • BAXI (Italy) - boilers, water heaters, aluminum radiators;
  • Honeywell automation (Germany);
  • Saer (Italy), Wilo, GRUNDFOS (Germany)pumps;
  • Ecoplastik (Czech Republic) - polypropylene pipes and fittings;
  • DaNFOSS equipment;
  • Sanha (Germany) – high-quality metal-plastic system pipes and fittings made of copper;
  • Funke, GEA Ecoflex (Mashimpex) heat exchangers at prices below factory prices; rotary disc valves, check valves, filters, vibration shutters, gate valves, solenoid valves, pressure regulators manufactured by the Genebre reinforcement plant (Spain), Zetkama (Poland) and other European plants;
  • Domestic shut-off and safety valves, instrumentation and control systems;
  • flanges and pipeline parts at minimum prices; as well as much more according to your project. 

The company has reliable contacts with distributors and close contact with leading manufacturers.
The installation division of the company carries out installation of internal engineering systems: heating, water supply, sewerage; diamond drilling of holes and cutting of openings. The work is carried out on time, with a quality guarantee. We cooperate with both construction organizations and private developers. For us, every client is a favorite! The Gulf Stream is the warm current of your home!

Our advantages

LLC "Gulfstream" offers you a wide selection of equipment for heating, water supply, sewerage systems at dealer prices. We can deliver in any volume and in the shortest possible time, even if these are non-standard positions and large diameters.

Gulfstream LLC offers products from the following suppliers, brands and manufacturers:
Genebre, CFR (Spain), Zetkama (Poland), GEA (Kelvion), AntiCa++ (Slovakia), VIR (Italy), Ekoplastik (Czech Republic), HEATON (Turkey), ESBE (Sweden), Teplokom, NORMA, ROSMA, SAZ "Avangard", Steklopribor, Rakityansky rebar plant, Sanpolymer, Wester, etc

General information

The company LLC Gulfstream-Services and service, Wholesale seller, Retail seller
The company Gulfstream LLC was founded in 2010.
The company employs up to 50 people.

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